Wednesday Night Bible Study

Jesus Is... Our Hebrews Bible study focuses entirely on the person of Jesus. Discovering who HE is.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study focuses entirely on Jesus Christ. Through the first part of the year, we'll discover that when we know who HE is, we discover who WE are in the process.

If you'd like to join us live for the Bible Study, we meet in the 4:TWELVE room at 6:30PM every Wednesday.

Jesus is: The Great High Priest

Jesus is a lot of things, not the least of which is the great high priest. In this episode, we look at Jesus as the great high priest, what his connection to Aaron really means, and how, without Jesus, Israel’s entire religious system would Have come crashing to the ground.

Jesus is: The Great High Priest

Jesus is: Greater than Moses

In this episode we look at Jesus, but in a different way than normal. We look at Jesus and his relationship to Moses. When the writer of Hebrews says that Jesus is greater than Moses, we are tempted to shrug our shoulders recognizing this is old news, and move on. When we do this, however, we miss out on something incredible…

Jesus is: Greater than Moses

Jesus the founder of a new and better Covenant

In this episode, we look at the law. How does the Mosaic law related to US, and how does it relate to Jesus? There is no question that Jesus changed our relationship to the law, but its purpose, function, and relation to us today is something that many people are confused about. But, when we begin to understand how Jesus relates to the law, everything suddenly comes into focus…

Jesus the founder of a new and better Covenant

Jesus is: Human just like us

In this 2nd episode we tackle the difficult question of how exactly Jesus could be both the Son of God AND Human. In the end, we see that it isn't difficult, strange, or complicated. Rather all we need to do to understand this difficult concept is to... read the bible deeply.

Jesus really is both God and man. We'll see how in this episode.

Jesus is: the Son of God

In this lesson, focusing on Hebrews 1:1-3, we focus on the fundamental title of Jesus, the Son of God. What does this mean and why is it important? In the process, we discover that this isn't a hard, confusing, or intimidating concept to get at, it is just the opposite. All we need to do is to read the Bible...

And, in the process we discover something incredible about who WE are too.

Jesus is: The Son of God