Moldova Camp 2020

Want to make a difference in 2020?

We are looking to sponsor 150 kids & students from Moldova to attend summer camp. From the past 4 years, people from Open Door Church have accepted this challenge and we've had full camps every year! This experience truly changes lives. These kids are shown the love of Jesus and meet Him in a new and real way. The country of Moldova has a human trafficking problem, so this camp provides practical information and skills as well to help save these children from a life of slavery. We are grateful to partner with New Hope Eurasia who helps makes this camp a success every year.

The cost to sponsor one child for camp is $70. You can donate directly to the church - either online at or in the offering on a Sunday morning. You can mark on your envelope or designate where it is to go online as well. If you want, you could break up the cost as well and donate $20 a month for 4 months - any extras will go to supplies for the camp and the crafts they be making while there.

Thank you for your support!

2018 Camp Recap